What We Do
We provide concierge management services for all types of clients including private individuals, small start-ups and multi-national companies. We provide the right service provider(s) who will adequately take care of the interest of our clients. We continue to seek innovative ways of ensuring quality service delivery and a smarter customer experience. 
How We Add Value
We operate simple and seamless concierge management services that are hassle-free, and are responsive to the needs of our clients and tailor our services to meet their peculiar needs. We listen to them and assist them in navigating through the complex web of service providers to sieve out the most capable hands. We continue to maintain regular contact with our clients throughout,  aiming to ensure maximum value for their money, client satisfaction, and a smarter customer experience.
Our Vision
Technology is changing society, so we need to focus on the customer experience more than ever. We are continuously planning for the present and the future. This requires adapting to changing circumstances in the marketplace as the need arises.

We therefore aim to:

Ensure Customer Satisfaction: this entails effective management of vital links between our clients and service providers; and

Demonstrate Efficiency: this entails the delivery of quality concierge management services to ensure the creation of a global brand of choice; and

Create A Symbiotic Relationship between Our People, Clients and Service Providers: this includes the creation of an effective partnership that works. 

Our Mission
Our mission is to be the preferred first point of call and best gateway to all service providers both locally and internationally. We will realise this mission by setting the highest standards for service delivery and customer satisfaction, using our customer experience data intelligence to provide a smarter customer experience, and making the world easier to navigate by knowing how to navigate the myriad of service providers.

Collaborative Consumption

Continually Connecting Demand To The Best Provider For Your Needs Through The Zebra Concierge Gateway

Managing Demand And Transactions In The Information Technology Cloud

Reducing Fraud

Improving Customer Service

Seeking Synergies


(1) Requirement Gathering

Clearly Define The Requirement, Need, or Problem


(2) Scoping

Develop The Solution; Exploring Possible Options, and Cost Savings etc



(3) Development

Develop The Proposed Solution, Refining As Necessary  


(4) Proposal

Finalise The Proposal Ready For Submission

(5) Delivery

Deliver The Agreed Solution To Applicable Parameters


(6) Ongoing Management

Maintenance, Support, Renegotiation, if Applicable

Data Security


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UK Best Practice Methodology For Managing Projects

Collaborative Consumption

Provide Valuable Services Through Direct Interaction With Other Consumers

MS Project 2013

Task Scheduling Management

Managing Demand Efficiently

Avoiding Waste. Managing It As Efficiently As Possible  

Continually Benchmarking

Marketplace Comparison With Standard Measurements


Project Management Institute

Data Intelligence

Analysing Markets In Real-time; Data-Crunching and Data Modelling

Business Intelligence

Understand Business Process and Associated Data

Fraud Alerts

Fraud and Cyber Crime Incoming Feeds